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2022-01-04 01:23main.c: set WM_TITLE to 'sxiv: filename'hhvn1+7-0
2021-12-29 21:18options.c: print marked files by defaulthhvn1+1-1
2021-08-03 22:37config.h options.c: configure default SCALE optionhhvn2+9-1
2021-08-03 22:27Makefile: unobfuscatehhvn1+0-10
2021-08-03 22:25.gitignore Makefile config.def.h config.h: don't use .def.hhhvn3+0-5
2020-01-16 09:36Stable version 26Bert Münnich2+6-1
2020-01-16 11:16Document dependenciesBert Münnich1+19-1
2020-01-16 10:13Fix memory leak in win_res()Bert Münnich1+13-11
2020-01-16 09:31Fix indentationBert Münnich1+4-4
2019-07-16 17:26Do not keep track of fullscreen stateBert Münnich3+3-53
2019-07-16 17:18Use normal win colors in fullscreen modeBert Münnich4+11-31
2019-04-19 14:13Hint to xrdb for changing X resourcesBert Münnich1+2-0
2019-04-19 13:52Mention supported X resources in man pageBert Münnich1+13-2
2019-04-19 13:13Change colors and font only via X resourcesBert Münnich2+6-14
2019-04-09 09:27Add Xresources font supportvxid2+4-2
2019-04-14 07:29gitignore: Ignore autogenerated version.hChris Down1+1-0
2019-03-15 12:04Fix comparison broken by signednessBert Münnich1+17-16
2019-02-23 03:32Match fallback font FC_SIZE to original fontFoldex1+4-1
2019-02-16 11:47Search freetype headers under PREFIX tooBert Münnich1+4-3
2019-01-26 13:54Stable version 25Bert Münnich2+8-1
2019-01-26 13:39New colorsBert Münnich1+2-2
2019-01-26 13:12Mention X resource properties in build-time color configBert Münnich1+1-0
2019-01-26 13:11Overhaul introductionary textBert Münnich2+6-8
2019-01-23 20:18Align compile-time color options with X resource colorsBert Münnich5+37-32
2019-01-23 19:13Simplify X resource retrievalBert Münnich2+22-23
2019-01-23 19:04Support X resource entries with Sxiv class nameBert Münnich1+9-13
2019-01-23 18:58Fix code style of merged codeBert Münnich1+10-14
2018-10-23 17:26Add Xresources capabilitynoamcore2+41-6
2019-01-01 12:47Add rawtherapee entry to key-handlerBert Münnich1+1-0
2019-01-01 12:45Copy to primary buffer and clipboardBert Münnich1+1-1
2019-01-01 12:44Remove tags from image-infoBert Münnich1+1-3
2018-12-31 14:16Remove tagging from key-handlerBert Münnich1+1-24
2018-12-29 18:03Document undocumented "-" behaviorBert Münnich1+1-1
2018-12-29 17:48Fix file list indexes when deleting last imageBert Münnich1+3-3
2018-10-15 13:29Set window title only once at startupBert Münnich2+0-12
2018-10-11 11:41Revise MakefileBert Münnich1+18-24
2018-08-03 17:20Set executable bit on scripts in exec folderPatryk Czachurski2+0-0
2018-07-05 00:57Respect updated path format when cleaning cacheKacper Gutowski1+2-11
2018-07-05 01:39Don't skip dot files when cleaning cacheKacper Gutowski4+12-6
2018-06-10 10:39Simplify cg_mark_range furtherBert Münnich1+3-5
2018-06-09 12:06Set global markidx whenever a single img is (un)markedBert Münnich2+4-4
2018-06-09 11:18(Un)mark thumbnails while holding Button3 downBert Münnich1+13-4
2018-06-09 11:12(Un)mark single image through generic functionBert Münnich2+18-14
2018-06-09 10:17Simplify cg_mark_rangeBert Münnich1+11-22
2018-06-09 09:57Rename variable toggledidx to markidxBert Münnich2+9-9
2018-06-09 09:55Fix cg_mark_range after removing images from file listBert Münnich1+2-0
2018-06-09 09:52Remove unnecessary special cases in cg_mark_rangeBert Münnich2+1-6
2018-06-09 09:49Change default key-bindings of mark commandsBert Münnich1+3-3
2018-06-04 20:18Add mark range functionDaniel Lublin5+42-0
2018-06-09 09:33New version schemeBert Münnich2+13-3
2018-04-11 07:55Initialize window bar buffers to empty stringBert Münnich2+3-1
2018-02-18 13:32Revise waiting for child processesBert Münnich1+20-6
2018-02-18 12:16Close image-info explicitlyBert Münnich2+22-19
2018-02-18 12:14Skip imlib cache when reloading due to inotify eventBert Münnich1+1-0
2018-02-18 12:13Ignore outdated inotify eventsBert Münnich1+7-7
2018-01-22 09:47Do not limit fit-to-win to smallest zoom levelBert Münnich1+4-7
2018-01-22 09:37Make zoomdiff compare impact on image dimensionsBert Münnich1+6-6
2018-01-22 09:18Use float for ox/oy compare valuesBert Münnich1+4-4
2018-01-12 12:39Use argument to select between two drag methodsphi4+22-8
2018-01-09 18:37RefactoringBert Münnich2+8-10
2018-01-09 18:31Fix a potential uninitialized variableHyleus1+5-2
2017-12-13 08:43Fix autoreload-nop accidentally selecting on stdinLeonardo Taccari1+1-1
2017-12-07 20:44Separate bar fields only by spacesBert Münnich2+8-6
2017-12-07 20:29Simplify drawing of bar textBert Münnich1+34-53
2017-12-07 13:57Replace utf8codepoint with Chris Wellons' utf8_decodeBert Münnich4+75-34
2017-12-07 13:19win_textwidth is no longer needed outside window.cBert Münnich2+8-12
2017-12-07 13:16Remove obsolete files[].baseBert Münnich2+0-6
2017-12-07 13:08Left bar shows file name as given by userBert Münnich2+6-20
2017-12-06 19:56Try to match a fallback font if neededSquibby5+75-10
2017-11-23 13:35Reject text files resembling TGA imagesBert Münnich3+26-18
2017-10-27 15:25Stable version 24Bert Münnich2+12-2
2017-10-26 20:20Fix navigating from last to previous image over invalid filesBert Münnich2+5-4
2017-10-24 19:43Set LC_COLLATE for -r file list sortingBert Münnich2+4-1
2017-10-23 08:28List objs in Makefile not srcsBert Münnich1+2-3
2017-10-23 08:27Make clean removes all object filesBert Münnich1+2-2
2017-10-22 10:23Always take {C,CPP,LD}FLAGS from environmentBert Münnich1+9-9
2017-10-19 11:29Back to VPATH for out-of-source buildsBert Münnich1+4-6
2017-10-19 11:02Addendum to 1ace4fb0Bert Münnich1+1-3
2017-10-16 19:19No more automatic dependency trackingBert Münnich1+3-7
2017-10-16 19:16No more config.mkBert Münnich1+0-2
2017-10-16 19:15Small refinements in MakefileBert Münnich1+4-4
2017-10-16 19:10One header file for type definitions and function declarationsBert Münnich18+483-687
2017-10-16 13:07Fix dep file include in MakefileBert Münnich1+1-1
2017-10-16 08:56Zoom into mouse cursor positionBert Münnich2+10-3
2017-10-12 08:56Much more portable MakefileBert Münnich2+57-48
2017-10-08 20:03Always include non-configurable part of CPPFLAGSBert Münnich1+1-1
2017-10-08 20:02Move DEPFLAGS from Makefile to config.mkBert Münnich2+1-1
2017-10-08 18:23Mention GNU make requirement in MakefileBert Münnich1+2-0
2017-10-08 18:23Get rid of SRCDIR macro, VPATH on make cmd line sufficesBert Münnich2+2-6
2017-10-06 08:26Add missing description for Button3 to man pageBert Münnich1+2-0
2017-10-05 11:53Improve mouse supportBert Münnich8+52-34
2017-10-05 11:49Simplify cursor reset in image modeBert Münnich2+3-3
2017-10-05 11:47Own win method for mouse cursor locationBert Münnich3+16-6
2017-10-05 10:30Simplify cursor handlingBert Münnich3+25-32
2017-10-04 16:12Mouse drag translates pointer position to image areaBert Münnich7+40-64
2017-09-11 15:09Fix linker command lineBert Münnich1+1-1
2017-09-11 15:08Only use targets in build messagesBert Münnich1+1-1
2017-07-13 00:15Add -p flag to disable writing of cache and temporary filesAntti Korpi4+16-4
2017-09-08 19:15Move special targets to bottom of MakefileBert Münnich1+6-7
2017-09-08 14:49Non-verbose buildBert Münnich1+12-0
2017-09-08 14:20Support out-of-source buildsBert Münnich2+6-2
2017-09-08 13:56Simplify config.mkBert Münnich2+21-16
2017-09-06 18:12Move configuration parts from Makefile into config.mkBert Münnich2+28-26
2017-07-23 00:15Make pan fraction configurablejcalve2+6-3
2017-09-06 17:28Add Max Voit to list of contributorsBert Münnich1+1-0
2017-09-02 20:18Add key-handler action to copy image to clipboardBert Münnich1+2-1
2017-05-17 18:39Adapt inotify_nop to API changesBert Münnich1+8-9
2017-05-17 18:38Update copyright notice in autoreload_inotify.cBert Münnich1+1-1
2017-05-17 18:22Merge branch 'autoreload'Bert Münnich5+219-3
2017-05-17 18:16Detect all file overwrites in autoreload_inotifyBert Münnich3+51-72
2017-05-17 18:15Compiler independent buffer alignmentBert Münnich1+7-3
2017-05-17 18:14Read all available inotify eventsBert Münnich1+32-27
2017-05-17 18:14Simplify inotify cleanupBert Münnich1+2-2
2017-05-17 18:13Revised error reporting in autoreload_inotifyBert Münnich1+11-20
2017-05-17 18:12Fix code-style in autoreload_inotify.cBert Münnich1+23-38
2017-05-17 18:11Simplify autoreload backend selection in MakefileBert Münnich1+5-8
2017-05-17 18:07Revised autoreload interfaceBert Münnich4+100-91
2017-01-26 21:18Add autoreload support by inotify (and dummy backend nop)Max Voit5+247-1
2017-05-17 13:51Properly quit when window gets closed; fixes issue #27Bert Münnich1+1-1
2017-05-17 13:51State the purpose of CLEANUP macroBert Münnich2+5-1
2017-02-15 19:47Merge branch 'diogocp/patch-1'Bert Münnich1+1-1
2017-02-15 19:20Fix typoJakub Wilk1+1-1
2017-02-13 10:20Fix missing quote in key-handler from commit 5c607adBert Münnich2+2-2
2017-01-27 13:50Add Netpbm, TGA and XPM MIME types to sxiv.desktopDiogo Pereira1+1-1
2017-01-07 13:44Pass given file names to key-handler instead of real pathsBert Münnich3+3-3
2016-12-28 18:16Fix unused-variable warnings in conditionally compiled codeBert Münnich2+3-4
2016-12-28 18:11Merge vaygr/opt-depBert Münnich1+4-1
2016-12-27 00:20Add build options for optional dependenciesVlad Glagolev1+4-1
2016-12-01 19:33Merge djhejna/floatdelayBert Münnich6+17-9
2016-11-29 11:07Ignore button and key events while key-handler is runningBert Münnich2+10-1
2016-11-28 17:54Merge dwminer/framerateBert Münnich6+22-4
2016-11-28 04:36Support for DELAY as a floating point number including less than 1 second while maintaining backward compatibiitiy with integer arguments.Don Hejna6+12-11
2016-11-27 08:05Document -A optiondwminer1+5-0
2016-11-27 07:54Add -A option to force framerate on animated imagesdwminer4+14-2
2016-10-30 18:24Document new -e flagBert Münnich1+6-0
2016-10-30 18:10Use -e for X window embeddingBert Münnich4+13-16
2016-10-29 02:09added support for XEMBED into other windows (ie tabbed) with -wshuall4+16-3
2016-10-20 08:21Only open regular files; fixes issue #252Bert Münnich3+15-8
2016-10-17 18:29Silence error messages in image-info scriptBert Münnich1+2-0
2016-09-28 16:59Allow opening directories non-recursivelyParide Legovini5+8-10
2016-08-10 19:12Update unstable version numberBert Münnich1+1-1
2016-08-08 07:34Add TODO listBert Münnich1+5-0
2016-08-06 13:27Use Xft for font loading and text drawingBert Münnich8+56-98
2016-08-06 10:22Provide image width and height to image-info script; fixes issue #159Bert Münnich3+12-5
2016-02-12 19:18Removed usage information from README, refer to man pageBert Münnich1+1-88
2016-02-12 19:13Refined grouping of key/mouse mappings in man pageBert Münnich1+24-13
2015-12-28 16:00Fix option -q; commit d3a70a2 completely broke it; fixes issue #223Bert Münnich2+4-1
2015-12-26 14:24Make navigate_frame command respect a count prefixBert Münnich3+9-3
2015-12-26 09:14Fix 32-bit unsigned integer shiftBert Münnich2+2-2
2015-12-23 09:43Make image-info script more steady to special symbols in file namesSudo Nice2+5-7
2015-12-20 12:21Stable version 1.3.2Bert Münnich2+8-1
2015-12-20 12:10Build-time option for default thumbnail size; fixes issue #207Bert Münnich3+6-3
2015-10-28 22:21Simplified r_mkdir()Bert Münnich3+18-31
2015-10-28 22:03Revised error handlingBert Münnich12+108-138
2015-10-28 21:29Prefix safe allocation functions with 'e' instead of 's_'Bert Münnich6+34-35
2015-10-28 21:23Removed unnecessary buffer size constantsBert Münnich2+3-14
2015-10-28 20:52Use XSI realpath(3)Bert Münnich3+0-85
2015-10-28 20:50Use POSIX.1-2008 getline(3)Bert Münnich4+6-37
2015-10-28 20:37Removed feature test macro definitions from source filesBert Münnich7+13-21
2015-10-28 19:59Removed overcautious parameter checksBert Münnich6+11-147
2015-08-19 19:29Always run image-info script after key-handler in image mode; fixes issue #213Bert Münnich2+4-4
2015-07-22 19:08Thumbnail cache file format depending on existance of alpha layerBert Münnich2+9-5
2015-05-18 17:09Clarified comments in key-handler, fixes issue #206Bert Münnich3+7-7
2015-02-06 07:52Round integer cast of image offset during rendering; fixes issue #197Bert Münnich2+3-3
2015-01-18 10:28Pass real paths to key handler instead of the paths provided by the userBert Münnich2+2-2
2015-01-11 10:38Simplified command argumentsBert Münnich4+125-144
2015-01-07 07:43Updated documentation regarding gamma correctionBert Münnich3+16-13
2015-01-05 22:07The Icon key should not contain extensionValentin Hăloiu2+2-2
2015-01-05 19:53Apply gamma value on thumbnails too; fixes issue #193Bert Münnich5+27-40
2015-01-04 20:19Cache out of view thumbnails in the backgroundBert Münnich5+45-25
2015-01-04 14:38Use bit-field for boolean flags in fileinfo structBert Münnich6+34-27
2014-12-22 08:00Removed obsolete ss_delays array, fixes issue #191Bert Münnich2+1-5
2014-12-08 07:20Grouped optional dependencies in MakefileBert Münnich1+14-3
2014-12-01 13:03Ignore SIGPIPE, caused by key handler exiting before all files got printed, fixes issue #188Bert Münnich2+3-1
2014-11-27 21:37Pass file paths to key handler via stdin; fixes issue #187Bert Münnich3+71-55
2014-11-27 21:25Fixed leakage of pipe descriptors in case of failing forkBert Münnich1+10-8
2014-11-27 21:24Enforced thumbnail reloading after key handlerBert Münnich1+1-1
2014-11-27 21:23Limit thumbnail selection border width to 4pxBert Münnich2+2-1
2014-11-16 20:38Stable version 1.3.1Bert Münnich2+7-1
2014-11-14 17:12Added -MP dependency generation option to compile flagsBert Münnich1+2-2
2014-11-02 18:32Use and depend on GNU make...Bert Münnich2+17-23
2014-11-02 10:50Updated unstable version numberBert Münnich1+1-1
2014-11-01 19:12optimized iconsoctos5+0-0
2014-10-31 08:52Do not cache thumbnails, which are smaller than the maximum sizeBert Münnich1+22-12
2014-10-30 08:30Discard cached & EXIF thumbnails, which are smaller than the configured maximum sizeBert Münnich1+21-12
2014-10-31 09:37Fixed leakage of resources allocated by EXIF libraryBert Münnich2+5-5
2014-10-29 13:20Fixed segfault when run with -cBert Münnich2+2-2
2014-10-25 16:30Fix Makefile depend file usageTim Harder1+4-3
2014-10-24 10:25Stable version 1.3Bert Münnich2+8-1
2014-10-24 09:14Do not print could-not-open-warnings for files found by directory traversalBert Münnich4+14-11
2014-10-24 08:50Use depend file for header build dependenciesBert Münnich2+10-1
2014-10-01 20:35Corrected & refactored handling of window bar content...Bert Münnich3+67-41
2014-10-01 18:25Fixed segfault on image removal with uninitialized thumbnails; fixes issue #177Bert Münnich2+7-6
2014-09-30 19:54Unified file count variable for image & thumbnail modeBert Münnich5+42-49
2014-09-29 12:06Set JPEG quality for thumbnail cache filesBert Münnich1+1-0
2014-09-29 12:05Fixed thumbnail creation for files with big aspect ratio factor; fixes issue #175Bert Münnich1+2-1
2014-09-29 07:36Scale thumbnail selection border width with thumbnail sizeBert Münnich2+11-7
2014-09-29 07:02Moved thumbnail sizes array to config.def.hBert Münnich2+13-7
2014-09-29 06:47Refactored thumbnail size dependent calculationsBert Münnich3+15-12
2014-09-28 07:55Removed obsolete thumbnail dimension configuration settingBert Münnich2+1-7
2014-09-27 22:26Added thumbnail zooming...Bert Münnich7+100-63
2014-09-27 20:05Changed image mark in thumbnail view to small rectangleBert Münnich3+5-6
2014-09-26 20:45Refactored main loop; properly fixes startup issueBert Münnich1+27-32
2014-09-26 18:45Fixed startup in thumbnail mode with floating windowBert Münnich1+5-3
2014-09-25 18:57Revised thumbnail loading...Bert Münnich5+71-45
2014-09-11 20:22Fixed segfault caused by image removal in thumbnail modeBert Münnich2+2-2
2014-09-01 18:41Simplified img_frame_animateBert Münnich4+8-13
2014-09-01 18:40Fixed segfault in ci_toggle_animation, fixes issue #173Bert Münnich2+9-8
2014-08-29 18:16Corrected i_alternate, fixes issue #171Bert Münnich2+6-4
2014-08-21 18:51Bug #165: Deletion of unnecessary null pointer checksMarkus Elfring3+10-19
2014-08-20 09:39Refactored rotation in key-handlerBert Münnich1+12-11
2014-08-20 09:34Added actions for tag addition & removal to key-handlerBert Münnich2+20-1
2014-08-18 18:21Unified rotate actions in key-handler; use lossless operation based on file typeBert Münnich1+13-18
2014-08-18 13:42Beautified thumbnail marks and selection borderBert Münnich1+12-14
2014-08-18 10:45Further simplified thumbnail marksBert Münnich3+5-7
2014-08-17 20:58Simplified thumbnail selection and marksBert Münnich3+15-19
2014-08-17 20:57Increased contrast in default color setBert Münnich1+2-2
2014-08-17 18:27Added command to remove all image marks, bound to Ctrl-m; fixes issue #163Bert Münnich5+18-0
2014-08-17 14:31Full redraw when removing files during thumbnail reloading; fixes issue #164Bert Münnich2+3-1
2014-08-16 20:21Fixed wrong thumbnail-to-file mappings caused by file deletionsBert Münnich4+24-22
2014-08-16 19:31Pass marked files to external key handler in thumbnail mode; fixes issue #135Bert Münnich6+76-56
2014-08-16 17:24Count number of marked filesBert Münnich2+11-3
2014-08-16 16:36Unified file index variable for image & thumbnail modeBert Münnich4+65-78
2014-08-16 09:37Generalized thumbnail loading, allows easier reloading of thumbnails later onBert Münnich4+16-10
2014-07-31 21:57Made argument of s_strdup constlucas83+3-3
2014-07-28 18:36Overhauled window drawing, yet again; fixes issue #155Bert Münnich6+54-75
2014-07-25 20:52Revised handling of GIF animationsBert Münnich9+36-49
2014-07-23 21:41Added support for multiple commands per key/button mapping; elegant fix for issue #150Bert Münnich4+22-22
2014-07-23 19:50Revised command structure and key and mouse button mappingsBert Münnich8+324-380
2014-06-15 12:15Show key handler status in bar while it is runningBert Münnich3+20-8
2014-06-10 21:15Create thumbnail cache dir automaticallyBert Münnich3+61-91
2014-06-10 19:28Small fix for thumbnail croppingBert Münnich2+2-2
2014-06-09 20:59Use thumbnails in EXIF tags; requirement for libexif is backBert Münnich6+107-221
2014-05-31 09:04Merge branch 'barthalion/master'Bert Münnich1+4-0
2014-05-31 08:59Use integers for mouse mappings and buttons 6+7 for horizontal scrollingBert Münnich2+12-10
2014-05-27 09:46Fix build with giflib >= 5.1.0.Bartłomiej Piotrowski1+4-0
2014-05-21 06:16Timeout initial redrawMiroslav Koskar1+1-1
2014-05-19 19:53Add a section about key-handler to the man page.Artem Bezsmertnyi2+17-1
2014-04-24 18:40Stable version 1.2Bert Münnich2+12-1
2014-04-21 18:40Do not center window on screen, workaround for issue #9Bert Münnich2+3-3
2014-04-06 20:47Use a checkerboard background for alpha layer; fixes issue #138Bert Münnich11+45-46
2014-03-17 19:01Use real path of all files internally, requires _XOPEN_SOURCE>=500, fixes issue #137Bert Münnich2+22-9
2014-02-18 20:10Warn once when external key combo is used and key-handler not installedBert Münnich2+15-5
2014-02-07 21:57Check for background image allocation failureBert Münnich2+3-2
2014-02-06 21:04Use separate background image for alpha layer; fixes issue #132Bert Münnich2+31-9
2014-02-05 08:58Removed command line option -FBert Münnich7+21-52
2014-02-04 22:05Set scale mode at startup via argument to -s optionBert Münnich3+20-12
2014-02-04 22:03Revised scale mode and zoom level handlingBert Münnich5+21-33
2014-02-04 21:38Removed fit-win-to-img commandBert Münnich7+5-65
2014-02-04 20:02Preserve panning when switching images; fixes issue #131Bert Münnich4+29-57
2014-02-02 13:56Check if window manager supports fullscreen; related to issue #128Bert Münnich2+44-0
2014-01-27 22:16Unified X atom initializationBert Münnich4+30-15
2014-01-31 12:21Merged pull request #129Bert Münnich8+33-16
2014-01-31 13:28Fix tabs and wordingAndrás Mohari1+3-3
2014-01-31 13:17Use a prefix key to execute the key handlerAndrás Mohari4+25-5
2014-01-15 22:13Use logo in READMEBert Münnich1+1-2
2014-01-15 21:40Added window icons; fixes issue #125Bert Münnich10+320-0
2014-01-15 20:53Fixed -z option argument parsing; fixes issue #127Bert Münnich2+2-2
2014-01-11 21:52Double click on thumbnail to open imageBert Münnich2+12-7
2014-01-11 21:47Adhere to XDG Base Directory Specification; fixes issue #124Bert Münnich7+41-41
2014-01-09 19:38Allow config.h to use multimedia keys (XF86_XK_*); fixes issue #123Bert Münnich1+1-0
2014-01-09 19:32Second take at rotating & flipping multi-frame images; fixes issue #121Bert Münnich3+26-17
2014-01-09 19:24Revert "Apply flip & rotation on all frames of a multi-frame image; fixes issue #121"Bert Münnich3+11-30
2014-01-08 23:01Apply flip & rotation on all frames of a multi-frame image; fixes issue #121Bert Münnich3+30-11
2014-01-08 21:58Fixed handling of overloaded key mappingsBert Münnich3+134-116
2014-01-08 20:14Fixup for 9574150Bert Münnich1+6-4
2014-01-08 19:31Check file modification time after key handlerBert Münnich1+10-0
2014-01-08 19:31Fixed slideshow delay corruption after GIF animationBert Münnich2+3-2
2014-01-05 21:07Added doc header to exec/key-handlerBert Münnich1+11-0
2014-01-05 17:12Show metadata of image on Ctrl-e in exec/key-handlerBert Münnich1+2-0
2014-01-05 17:08Copy image path to primary on Ctrl-c in exec/key-handlerBert Münnich1+2-0
2014-01-04 17:38Slideshow mode is back, in a simplified versionBert Münnich11+111-31
2014-01-03 15:24Simplified EXIF tag extraction in exec/image-infoBert Münnich2+2-2
2014-01-02 22:19Moved external shell commands into exec/key-handler scriptBert Münnich7+98-100
2014-01-02 12:36Proper support for Ctrl/Shift/Alt modifiers in key & mouse mappingsBert Münnich4+110-112
2013-12-31 15:38Refactored remote changesBert Münnich4+14-24
2013-12-30 22:16Read GIF's repeat information from file.Aleksander Nitecki3+26-3
2013-12-13 12:04Fixed Imlib file handle type, issue #117Bert Münnich5+8-8
2013-11-17 13:59Updated unstable version numberBert Münnich1+1-1
2013-11-17 11:54Close info file descriptor after readingBastien Dejean1+1-0
2013-11-16 19:19Fixed segfault when removing first image from file list, fixes issue #112Bert Münnich2+3-3
2013-11-14 16:16Merge remote-tracking branch 'baskerville/reverse-marks'Bert Münnich5+19-1
2013-11-14 16:12Correct out-of-range gamma values given on command lineBert Münnich1+1-1
2013-11-14 16:06Refactored remote changesBert Münnich7+66-46
2013-11-14 13:47Merge remote-tracking branch 'ariand/gamma'Bert Münnich9+91-3
2013-11-14 13:45Add command to reverse marked imagesBastien Dejean5+18-0
2013-11-14 13:37Highlight edges of marked images in thumbnail modeBert Münnich5+50-16
2013-11-13 19:54Add support for changing the gamma valueAndrás Mohari9+91-3
2013-10-21 19:57Fixed inconsistencies in navigation when removing invalid filesBert Münnich2+8-3
2013-10-05 15:37Seek over EXIF APP0 frame instead of reading and discarding itBert Münnich2+4-3
2013-09-24 20:14Fixed image orientation if a JFIF APP0 segment is present in a JPEG header.Jacek Naglak2+12-5
2013-09-07 15:59Updated unstable version numberBert Münnich1+1-1
2013-09-07 15:06Warp pointer on first/last pixelPeter Hofmann1+8-8
2013-08-22 10:59Added options for anti-alias & alpha layer coloring to config.def.hBert Münnich8+23-15
2013-08-22 07:44Only print marked files when -o is givenBert Münnich4+8-8
2013-08-10 19:18Added file marks; fixes issue #94Bert Münnich7+77-6
2013-08-10 13:59Updated unstable version numberBert Münnich1+1-1
2013-08-10 13:58Changed key bindings for flipping to bar & underscoreBert Münnich3+5-5
2013-08-10 13:55Refactored merged rotation codeBert Münnich5+20-30
2013-06-23 14:02Handle 180 degrees image rotationBastien Dejean7+34-26
2013-06-02 10:31Fixed typo in README.mdBert Münnich2+2-2
2013-06-02 10:04Stable version 1.1.1Bert Münnich2+6-1
2013-04-21 11:55Fixed build for giflib version >= 5.0; fixed issue #90Bert Münnich2+5-1
2013-04-14 17:50Use bgcol as window background pixel; fixed issue #89Bert Münnich2+7-2
2013-04-06 12:23Updated source tarball URLs in README.mdBert Münnich1+14-14
2013-04-06 12:04Fixed non-ASCII characters in window bar, issue #88Bert Münnich2+6-10
2013-04-02 20:48Updated .gitignoreBert Münnich1+0-4
2013-04-02 17:43Updated source tarball URLs in README.mdBert Münnich1+15-14
2013-04-02 17:32Fixed segfault caused by FD_ISSET() on negative fdBert Münnich2+2-2
2013-03-30 11:50Stable version 1.1Bert Münnich3+11-2
2013-03-19 20:11New options: -[io], read/write files from/to stdin/outBert Münnich6+59-37
2013-03-19 19:40Merge branch 'asyncinfo'Bert Münnich5+158-93
2013-02-24 19:04Made bar fields more distinguishableBert Münnich2+6-4
2013-02-24 13:55Polished info script executionBert Münnich1+2-1
2013-02-12 16:55Spawn info script & update bar contents only when neededBert Münnich3+26-11
2013-02-11 22:05Spawn and read from info script without blockingBert Münnich3+131-84
2013-03-04 18:23Applied code style on merged changesBert Münnich2+10-15
2013-03-04 18:18Merge pointer warping in i_drag from Rob PillingBert Münnich1+22-3
2013-03-03 18:16Wrap the pointer when the edge of the window is reachedRob Pilling1+22-3
2013-02-11 20:39Ignore dotfiles for -rBert Münnich2+2-2
2013-02-09 18:07Merge branch 'sizehints', fixed issue #78Bert Münnich4+51-28
2013-02-09 16:24No checks on window size, use whatever the user has specifiedBert Münnich2+4-15
2013-02-09 00:39Correctly set window height after i_fit_to_img()Bert Münnich1+3-0
2013-02-09 00:36Refined US{Position,Size} & WinGravity handlingBert Münnich1+39-39
2013-02-09 00:21Merge remote-tracking branch '4z3/set-user-specified-sizehints' into sizehintsBert Münnich3+53-19
2013-02-08 22:26Correctly updated window pixmap after i_fit_to_img()Bert Münnich1+5-0
2013-02-08 22:20Use bool from stdbool.h after switching to C99Bert Münnich1+1-8
2013-02-08 21:07Be honest about using C99Bert Münnich1+1-1
2013-02-08 21:05Refactored function definitions to use dangling braceBert Münnich9+247-124
2013-02-08 20:52Updated/corrected license headerBert Münnich16+213-195
2013-01-30 19:39When using -g hint the WM that we've got user specified geometrytv3+53-19
2013-01-29 17:45Fixed issue #77, limit geometry info to first image frameBert Münnich2+2-2
2013-01-27 17:03Merge branch 'userinfo'Bert Münnich8+218-155
2013-01-27 17:03Added documentation for image-info scriptBert Münnich4+35-13
2013-01-24 07:25Removed old definitions from commands.hhut1+0-3
2013-01-10 18:25Added skeleton for image-info user scriptBert Münnich1+10-0
2013-01-08 19:55Moved thumbnail cache to ~/.sxiv/cache/Bert Münnich2+8-15
2013-01-07 13:30Simplified status bar, filled by user scriptmuennich3+170-132
2013-01-12 22:39Fixed completely insane {C,LD}FLAGS -I/-L settingsBert Münnich1+3-3
2013-01-10 18:11Made Makefile more verboseBert Münnich1+15-30
2013-01-04 19:55Fixed compilation with giflib version 4.2.1Bert Münnich2+6-6
2012-12-27 15:43Fixed issue #74, conditional compilation of gif supportBert Münnich2+9-3
2012-12-27 15:34Fixed issue #73Bert Münnich4+7-3
2012-12-21 22:37Moved screenshots to gh-pages branchBert Münnich2+0-0
2012-12-21 22:36Added Download/Changelog section to READMEBert Münnich1+116-11
2012-12-20 08:57Fixed issue #72muennich2+5-3
2012-12-01 17:50Merge branch 'winname'Bert Münnich5+14-3
2012-12-01 17:50Merge branch 'newdraw'Bert Münnich3+48-19
2012-10-31 22:24Next try to fix issue #71Bert Münnich2+2-2
2012-10-29 22:23Fixed BadDrawable errors caused by invalid window pixmapBert Münnich1+5-6
2012-10-29 19:55Smaller minimum gif delay, fixed issue #71Bert Münnich2+2-2
2012-10-29 17:25Overhauled window drawingBert Münnich3+47-17
2012-10-28 23:53New option: -N, set X window resource nameBert Münnich5+14-3
2012-08-24 16:25Changed default font to support more encodings; fixed issue #66Bert Münnich2+2-2
2012-08-17 14:54Disregard obsolete events, fixed issue #64Bert Münnich2+12-4
2012-08-16 19:21Simplified zoomdiff functionBert Münnich2+1-10
2012-08-16 11:40New command: i_alternate, go to last image, issue #65Bert Münnich4+14-0
2012-08-16 11:09Corrected zoom level handlingBert Münnich3+21-9
2012-08-07 11:11Slightly changed the doc after merging remote changesBert Münnich2+4-4
2012-08-07 10:57Merge remote-tracking branch 'baskerville/master'Bert Münnich7+30-6
2012-08-07 10:46Removed dropped slideshow mappings from man page & READMEBert Münnich2+0-20
2012-08-07 10:09Fixed WMProtocols registration order (before mapping window)Bert Münnich2+5-4
2012-07-19 10:28New commands: fit to the window's height/widthbaskerville7+30-6
2012-07-15 16:52Made remote changes adhere to code styleBert Münnich1+9-7
2012-07-15 08:30handle count prefix in thumbnail movementsbaskerville5+21-18
2012-06-07 19:04Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'Bert Münnich1+1-1
2012-06-07 19:01Reduced file size of screenshots, thanks KevinBert Münnich2+0-0
2012-05-16 09:18Fixed mail address in man pagemuennich1+1-1
2012-05-15 18:42Added baskerville to Contributors list in man pageBert Münnich1+1-0
2012-05-14 20:01Updated screenshotsBert Münnich2+0-0
2012-05-14 19:45Fixed issue #51, no more bar artifact when switching to fullscreenBert Münnich1+1-1
2012-05-14 19:43Added section CONTRIBUTORS to man pageBert Münnich2+8-5
2012-05-13 20:01Fixed mem-leak in tns_init/tns_freeBert Münnich1+1-1
2012-05-13 19:52Simplified & sped up reloading of all thumbnailsBert Münnich5+12-20
2012-05-13 19:40Merge remote-tracking branch 'baskerville/master'Bert Münnich5+24-0
2012-05-13 19:39Made Makefile more POSIX-compliantBert Münnich1+9-7
2012-05-08 14:30Added a command to refresh the thumbnailsbaskerville5+24-0
2012-05-06 11:02Slightly refactored flippingBert Münnich5+19-28
2012-05-06 07:39Added horizontal and vertical flip commandsbaskerville8+57-0
2012-04-18 04:05Only provide the .desktop file, do not install it by defaultmuennich1+1-5
2012-04-17 20:09Fixed typo in Makefile; increases unstable version numberBert Münnich1+2-2
2012-04-17 15:48Add desktop file and appropriate lines to Makefile.Bartłomiej Piotrowski2+11-0
2012-03-28 19:14Fixed issue #47Bert Münnich2+2-2
2012-03-16 20:03Fixed issue #44Bert Münnich1+2-1
2012-03-16 19:56Fixed it_scroll_move(DIR_DOWN) in thumb mode for last lineBert Münnich2+11-9
2012-03-13 20:58Optimized redraw timeout after window resize for tiling window managers; related to issue #44Bert Münnich2+16-2
2012-03-02 18:42Fixed issue #41, added WIN_FS_COLOR to config.hBert Münnich4+7-7
2012-03-02 18:32Added alternative empty directory removal command line to manpage, fixed issue #40Bert Münnich1+9-0
2012-03-02 18:19Fixed issue #42: image dragging broken by commit b845827Bert Münnich2+4-2
2012-02-27 18:22Fixed issue #39: missing include of <sys/select.h>Bert Münnich2+2-1
2012-02-21 11:49Display full name in info bar, if there is enough spaceBert Münnich3+47-24
2012-02-21 07:19Updated homepage URL in manpageBert Münnich2+2-2
2012-02-16 22:20Added option -b: disable barBert Münnich6+18-6
2012-02-15 21:43Removed unneeded members from img typeBert Münnich2+1-4
2012-02-15 21:33Added it_toggle_bar command; default mapping: XK_bBert Münnich7+30-0
2012-02-15 18:37Removed debug outputBert Münnich1+0-1
2012-02-15 18:29Show info message in bar while loading thumbnailsBert Münnich1+12-9
2012-02-15 18:16Already in the year 2012Bert Münnich15+15-15
2012-02-15 18:13Added own exif tag handling in files exif.[ch]Bert Münnich6+212-1
2012-02-15 17:25Added symbol BAR_SEPARATORBert Münnich4+16-13
2012-02-14 21:12Fixed typo in MakefileBert Münnich1+1-1
2012-02-14 21:12Fix recreation of thumbnail cache file after manual reloadBert Münnich2+3-3
2012-02-12 18:06Changed default font string, removed missing fontset warningsBert Münnich2+2-5
2012-02-12 18:00Added text bar on bottom of windowBert Münnich8+211-64
2012-02-11 02:36Nicer window titleBert Münnich1+5-5
2012-02-11 01:42Removed exif support; made gif support non-optionalBert Münnich7+16-160
2012-02-11 01:34Removed slideshow supportBert Münnich7+8-115
2011-12-17 15:36Fixed issue #32: wrong antialias setting after it_shell_cmdBert Münnich2+2-2
2011-11-13 14:53Fixed issue #28 (again)Bert Münnich3+15-11
2011-11-11 22:57Fixed rendering after fit win to imgBert Münnich1+1-0
2011-11-11 21:54Removed target "dist" from MakefileBert Münnich1+0-9
2011-11-11 21:54Fixed issue #28Bert Münnich2+7-9
2011-11-05 12:11Thumbnails only get scaled down, fixed issue #27Bert Münnich2+2-1
2011-11-01 07:36Better fix for issue #25Bert Münnich3+7-7
2011-10-31 14:56Stable version 1.0Bert Münnich1+1-1
2011-10-31 10:46Fixed issue #25: invalid file cnt and sel in thumb modeBert Münnich2+5-2
2011-10-27 14:21Added screen-wise scrolling for thumbnail modeBert Münnich9+57-44
2011-10-17 16:39Fixed handling of gif disposal method (issue #23)Bert Münnich2+9-3
2011-10-16 18:33Updated docBert Münnich2+125-61
2011-10-16 16:58Added i_reset_slideshow: set slideshow delay to number prefixBert Münnich3+29-9
2011-10-16 16:36Multiply i_navigate argument with number prefixBert Münnich1+2-0
2011-10-16 16:31Fixed pixel-wise panning by chaning x, y vars to floatBert Münnich2+11-11
2011-10-16 15:58Added i_set_zoom command: set zoom to number prefixBert Münnich3+10-2
2011-10-16 15:39Pan by pixel count, if number prefix givenBert Münnich4+25-10
2011-10-16 14:08Added support for number prefix for commandsBert Münnich4+21-10
2011-10-16 13:41Mention min/max zoom level in config.def.hBert Münnich2+4-2
2011-10-14 08:40Updated contact informationBert Münnich13+13-13
2011-10-13 14:53Fix TV_ADD_MSEC macroBert Münnich1+2-2
2011-10-13 14:50Strictly adhere to ANSI-C standardBert Münnich8+26-35
2011-10-12 16:38Use void for empty argument listsBert Münnich7+23-23
2011-10-11 18:28Regard gif disposal method; fix bug #18Bert Münnich2+8-6
2011-09-29 11:12Made zoomdiff an inline functionBert Münnich1+8-4
2011-09-29 10:43Made all conditionals more preciseBert Münnich8+236-234
2011-09-29 08:16Transformed function macros in util.h to inline functionsBert Münnich7+35-24
2011-09-28 10:53Fix layering of small gif framesBert Münnich2+7-7
2011-09-26 20:01Fix include for ssize_tBert Münnich1+1-0
2011-09-26 19:53Added STREQ macroBert Münnich5+8-6
2011-09-26 19:28Make use of EXIT_* macros (2)Bert Münnich2+4-4
2011-09-26 19:20Merge commit '3a81af4'Bert Münnich4+12-12
2011-09-26 13:40make use of EXIT_ macrosrck4+12-12
2011-09-22 22:18Simplified config.cBert Münnich2+19-27
2011-09-17 15:23Use win_t member in img_t & tns_t instead of parametersBert Münnich7+150-135
2011-09-14 17:28270/90 = 3Daniel1+1-1
2011-09-13 08:08Updated docBert1+15-13
2011-09-13 08:08Renamed XLIBS to config, added -D/-l optionsBert4+52-30
2011-09-12 17:35Updated screenshot to reflect new title barBert1+0-0
2011-09-12 17:28Much nicer handling of compile-time featuresBert8+73-57
2011-09-12 13:12Shortened additional features sectionBert1+10-17
2011-09-12 10:16Removed Makefile.netbsdBert1+0-4
2011-09-12 10:16Made XFLAGS & XLIBS macros onlyBert2+8-9
2011-09-11 19:01Added own bool typeBert13+454-452
2011-09-10 23:13Added dirty flag to img structBert3+69-29
2011-09-10 16:41Added slideshow supportBert10+136-35
2011-09-10 10:29List additional features in usage message (-v)Bert3+26-15
2011-09-08 18:54Strict conformance to IEEE Std 1003.1-2001Bert8+64-38
2011-09-08 15:31Added screenshots to README.mdBert3+13-0
2011-09-08 14:48Added feature overview to README.mdBert1+16-1
2011-09-08 14:19Updated docBert1+11-7
2011-09-08 14:19Fixed exif-only typo in tns_load()Bert1+1-1
2011-09-08 14:02Added section "Additional features" to README.mdBert1+30-3
2011-09-08 13:55Added EXIF_SUPPORT macro for optional dependency on libexifBert2+42-30
2011-09-06 09:09Added EXIF auto-orientationBert2+56-1
2011-09-08 13:41Overhauled buildingBert5+59-24
2011-09-06 09:55Load as much of a corrupted gif file as possibleBert3+15-16
2011-09-06 09:04Removed useless zl_cnt variableBert1+3-5
2011-09-06 07:11Avoid conflicting macrosBert4+15-11
2011-09-04 18:14Fixed title-update in thumb modeBert1+1-1
2011-09-04 11:29Made i(t)_toggle_alpha command work in thumbnail mode tooBert6+15-10
2011-09-03 21:11Reformated license headerBert13+143-143
2011-09-03 21:07Fixed pointer-to-int-cast warnings on x86_64Bert1+3-3
2011-09-03 17:08Fixed remove_file()Bert1+5-5
2011-09-03 15:01Simplified cursor resettingBert4+48-44
2011-09-03 13:58Simplified it_shell_cmd() using SXIV_IMG env-variableBert2+28-43
2011-09-03 12:22Unified feature test macro requirementsBert4+10-10
2011-09-02 16:54Updated docsBert2+15-2
2011-09-02 16:54Corrected timeout handlingBert1+7-6
2011-09-02 13:56Corrected thumbnail loading and timeout handlingBert1+21-21
2011-09-02 02:33Data driven timeout handlingBert6+137-100
2011-08-20 11:07Mention origin of img_load_gif() in commentBert1+3-0
2011-08-19 16:46Added command to toggle gif animationsBert5+38-18
2011-08-18 14:05Added support for gif animationBert7+126-36
2011-08-17 16:17Added HAVE_GIFLIB macro for optional dependency on giflibBert3+13-3
2011-08-17 16:01Refactored img_load_gif()Bert3+63-41
2011-08-16 22:56Added support for multi-frame imagesBert7+206-5
2011-08-19 13:02Fixed include in thumbs.hBert1+1-0
2011-08-19 13:02Put event handling back into main.c; events -> commandsBert7+665-670
2011-08-19 11:26Added force parameter to tns_load() to disregard cacheBert4+14-12
2011-08-19 11:09Renamed application modesBert3+36-36
2011-08-19 11:06Renamed key/mouse commands to indicate supported modesBert3+197-189
2011-08-19 10:20Uniform thumbnail selection border sizeBert2+8-10
2011-08-18 10:05Small refactoringsBert2+5-5
2011-08-17 23:19Fixed hyphen-used-as-minus-sign issues in man pageBert1+2-2
2011-08-17 23:18Corrected FSF address in license headersBert13+91-91
2011-08-17 22:38Revised handling of file names & pathsBert10+100-81
2011-08-16 23:11Fixed keyboard mappingsBert2+12-8
2011-08-16 22:57Stable version 0.9Bert1+1-1
2011-08-12 15:14No more need for CLEANMASK macroBert1+0-2
2011-08-12 15:14Made run_command() a normal key/button handlerBert3+208-184
2011-08-12 10:27Much better drag()Bert3+106-101
2011-08-05 08:17Renamed scroll() to pan_screen()Bert4+11-11
2011-08-05 08:17Added -O2 flag to CFLAGSBert1+2-2
2011-07-26 22:20Simpler thumbnail selection borderBert1+2-5
2011-07-26 21:58Nicer thumbnail selection border; new default colorsBert2+6-3
2011-07-26 16:01Major code refactoringBert12+807-647
2011-07-22 12:49Reduced usage of preprocessor macrosBert12+113-120
2011-07-17 20:18Made selection border in thumb mode 3px wideBert1+2-2
2011-07-17 20:16Fixed dependency on Makefile & config.hBert1+3-1
2011-07-17 18:20Lighter selection colorBert1+1-1
2011-07-07 11:34Mention the vi key bindings in the READMEBert1+3-3
2011-06-29 14:07Stable version 0.8.2Bert1+1-1
2011-06-29 14:06Fixed Makefile.netbsdBert1+2-2
2011-06-28 17:19Added Makefile for NetBSDBert1+4-0
2011-06-28 17:18Fixed MakefileBert1+1-1
2011-06-28 13:48Fix compile error on NetBSDBert1+5-0
2011-06-28 13:47Support XK_KP_{Add,Subtract} for zoomingBert1+3-0
2011-06-28 11:45All timeouts in millisecondsBert3+22-15
2011-06-24 11:28Small refactoringBert2+3-4
2011-06-08 18:10Made Makefile POSIX compliantBert1+12-18
2011-06-06 13:58Fixed mtime cache check on filesystems supporting nsec resolutionBert2+3-3
2011-06-03 21:39New mappings: ctrl-[hjkl], pan image one window width/heightBert6+44-23
2011-05-29 09:45Use getline instead of readlineBert6+19-52
2011-05-25 07:23New option: -n, start at given pictureBert6+27-9
2011-05-22 17:42Show image dimension in window titleBert2+5-4
2011-05-16 13:58Updated docBert2+13-0
2011-05-16 13:54H/J/K/L mappings to pan to edgesBert4+44-1
2011-05-10 07:47Unstable version number in MakefileBert1+5-5
2011-05-10 07:31Support DESTDIRPetr Sabata1+5-4
2011-05-08 15:47Stable version 0.8.1Bert1+1-1
2011-04-19 12:44Made fullscreen work under buggy window managersBert1+1-2
2011-04-19 12:25Fixed background color for non-EWMH-compliant WMsBert1+5-1
2011-04-19 11:27Center zoomed areaBert4+19-19
2011-04-15 09:23Fixed mouse cursorBert2+20-19
2011-04-14 18:01Fix fullscreen modeBert2+2-2
2011-04-14 10:19Slightly changed config.hBert1+12-12
2011-04-14 10:00Merged commands.h into config.hBert3+33-29
2011-04-14 09:17Stable version 0.8Bert1+1-1
2011-04-11 19:27Renamed option -C -> -cBert3+7-7
2011-04-11 18:42Slightly changed introductory textBert2+7-7
2011-04-11 15:02Removed invalid iconBert1+0-0
2011-04-11 15:01Removed option -aBert4+3-15
2011-04-11 14:58Remove invalid images when loading them; refactoringsBert8+175-357
2011-04-11 09:53Refactored main.cBert2+93-91
2011-04-11 06:52Merge branch 'tcache'Bert10+506-99
2011-04-08 17:43Removed debug outputBert1+1-4
2011-04-08 15:07Updated doc for thumbnail cacheBert2+25-1
2011-04-08 12:44New option: -C, clean thumbnail cacheBert5+83-18
2011-04-08 08:24Refactored thumbs.cBert1+98-104
2011-04-08 08:23Refactored recursive directory util functionsBert4+139-94
2011-04-07 17:15Moved read_dir_rec into util.cBert3+91-76
2011-04-07 16:00Do not create cache files for cache filesBert1+10-7
2011-04-07 15:29Use directory structure in cache dirBert3+58-13
2011-04-07 15:23Refactored thumbnail cache_dirBert1+24-18
2011-04-07 14:17Write cache file for thumbnail directly after creating itBert2+12-10
2011-04-07 13:05Load thumbnails from cacheBert1+30-7
2011-04-07 12:33Write thumbnail cache files on exitBert3+155-1
2011-04-07 08:17Disable support for external commands by defaultBert2+22-24
2011-04-06 23:26First things for thumbnail cachingBert2+34-0
2011-04-06 22:26Small refactoring in tns_load()Bert1+7-4
2011-04-06 22:21Removed escape key mappingBert1+0-3
2011-04-06 22:20Refactored key/mouse mappings in man pageBert1+17-14
2011-04-06 22:04Refactored key/mouse mappings in READMEBert2+19-24
2011-04-06 21:33New key mapping: D, remove image from file listBert3+42-8
2011-04-06 17:30New option: -a, do not filter out unsupported filesBert7+35-15
2011-04-04 22:37Readded file-type check at startupBert3+27-5
2011-04-04 18:35Do not check file-type at startupBert5+187-209
2011-03-17 22:45More accurate READMEBert1+6-6
2011-03-17 22:39Filename cosmeticsBert2+3-2
2011-03-15 12:55Use imlib-handles in thumbs.c instead of pixmapsBert5+32-46
2011-03-10 10:51Updated docBert2+4-0
2011-03-10 10:41Toggle image transparency with A-keyBert4+8-2
2011-03-09 10:37White background for images with alphaBert4+35-17
2011-03-09 09:08Use ctrl for ext cmds, disable them in config.hBert4+34-20
2011-03-03 09:52Use "/bin/sh -c" for external commandsBert3+44-58
2011-03-01 21:14Slightly refactored commands.hBert1+13-8
2011-03-01 17:49Support for external commands like mogrify & jpegtranBert6+115-12
2011-03-01 13:23Shorter typedefsBert6+12-12
2011-02-27 13:09Shorter version informationBert1+1-1
2011-02-27 12:29Small refactorings, removed over-ambitious todoBert5+51-55
2011-02-27 12:03Revert "Save rotated png-files with S-key"Bert6+50-81
2011-02-27 00:48Save rotated png-files with S-keyBert6+81-50
2011-02-26 21:28Stable version 0.7Bert1+1-1
2011-02-26 15:57Sort directory entries when using -rBert1+14-1
2011-02-26 12:16Align big images on top-left cornerBert2+9-2
2011-02-25 11:08Refactored imlib context handlingBert5+55-38
2011-02-25 08:29Todo: save rotated imagesBert2+2-1
2011-02-21 21:05Correct timeout handling, more complexBert1+52-41
2011-02-21 17:37Fixed cursor hiding after switching to thumb modeBert1+1-0
2011-02-21 17:26Hide cursor on redraw or after 1.5s mouse inactivityBert3+67-17
2011-02-21 16:06Updated docBert2+27-16
2011-02-21 15:49Fixed title for thumbnail modeBert3+25-7
2011-02-21 13:59Always support thumbs; start thumb-mode with single -tBert4+66-64
2011-02-20 00:41Mode-guard in on_motionnotifyBert1+1-1
2011-02-19 23:28Replaced -T flag with -tt; default thumbnail sizeBert4+12-20
2011-02-19 23:08Mouse-wheel scrolling in thumb modeBert4+61-20
2011-02-19 22:16g/G key mappings in thumbnail modeBert1+22-12
2011-02-19 22:07Double click thumb to openBert1+9-4
2011-02-19 21:55Merge branch 'master' into thumbsBert1+2-2
2011-02-19 21:53Fixed offsets in resize win to imageBert2+3-3
2011-02-19 21:12Sync thumb selection & fileidx; check thumb viewBert4+76-56
2011-02-19 08:51Lighter selection color (for fullscreen)Bert1+3-3
2011-02-19 08:47Update title when moving selectionBert4+22-13
2011-02-18 14:33Nicer tns_move_selectionBert2+17-20
2011-02-18 14:21Fixed moving of selection while loading thumbnailsBert2+4-5
2011-02-18 14:02Nicer tns_translateBert1+4-2
2011-02-18 13:57Center humbnails in windowBert3+10-5
2011-02-17 17:00Activate thumb-mode with Return keyBert1+12-0
2011-02-17 16:38Fixed cursor when opening thumbBert1+2-0
2011-02-17 16:32Variable timeout (2)Bert1+5-5
2011-02-17 16:30Variable timeoutBert1+4-4
2011-02-17 16:28Use Button1 to open thumbnailBert3+74-41
2011-02-17 15:57Select and open thumbnailsBert3+78-2
2011-02-17 15:22Highlight selected thumbnailBert5+66-20
2011-02-17 14:58Linked thumbnails to filesBert3+13-16
2011-02-17 14:40Merge branch 'master' into thumbsBert2+177-178
2011-02-17 14:40Nicer icon for broken imagesBert2+177-178
2011-02-17 14:08Made key mappings mode-dependentBert1+111-105
2011-02-17 13:58Removed debug outputBert1+0-2
2011-02-17 13:45Appropriate title for thumbnail modeBert3+20-17
2011-02-17 13:20Fill window before loading thumbsBert2+3-2
2011-02-17 13:13Immediately respond to events while loading thumbsBert3+20-4
2011-02-17 12:20Merge branch 'master' into thumbsBert1+1-2
2011-02-17 12:20Nicer version infoBert2+2-3
2011-02-17 12:10Merge branch 'master' into thumbsBert1+1-1
2011-02-17 12:09Higher timeout, faster window resizingBert1+1-1
2011-02-17 10:08Use watch-cursor while loading thumbnailsBert3+20-10
2011-02-17 10:04Who needs threads to load thumbnails?Bert4+52-82
2011-02-16 22:03Use pthread to load thumbnailsBert4+55-14
2011-02-16 20:45Stable version 0.6Bert1+1-1
2011-02-16 20:40Refactored thumbs, new files thumbs.[ch]Bert8+191-89
2011-02-16 17:16Render thumbnailsBert6+76-24
2011-02-16 16:09Added app-modeBert1+24-14
2011-02-16 15:53Fixed thumbnail creationBert1+3-1
2011-02-16 15:47First things for thumbnail modeBert8+55-2
2011-02-15 14:30Fixed empty lines in readline()Bert3+5-5
2011-02-14 18:22More appropriate buffer sizesBert2+2-2
2011-02-14 17:06Updated man pageBert1+7-0
2011-02-14 16:56Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'Bert1+1-1
2011-02-14 16:53Fixed indentationBert1+4-4
2011-02-14 16:51Read filenames from stdinBert6+64-12
2011-02-11 09:24Fixed typo in config.hBert2+2-2
2011-02-09 16:05Load warning icon only onceBert1+8-5
2011-02-09 15:32Handle image remove/rename while runningBert6+213-22
2011-02-09 09:55New author in man pageBert1+1-0
2011-02-09 09:01Handle WM_DELETE_WINDOW messages correctly, thanks to fungtBert3+11-1
2011-02-09 08:45Slightly refactored fungts utf-8 title commitBert2+10-11
2011-02-08 16:23Show correct utf-8 titlefungt1+10-0
2011-02-08 14:02Stable release 0.5Bert1+1-1
2011-02-06 17:45Updated doc, 0/W/w key-mappingsBert2+12-0
2011-02-06 16:40Nicer fit window to imageBert4+18-11
2011-02-03 23:26One less TODOBert1+0-1
2011-02-03 23:25New key mapping: W, resize window to fit imageBert5+63-23
2011-02-03 21:05Removed some warningsBert2+34-30
2011-02-03 15:55Split img_fit into internal/external functionBert3+25-19
2011-02-03 15:14New key mappings: 0/w, zoom to 100%/to fit windowBert3+19-8
2011-02-03 13:32Display filesize in window titleBert5+75-39
2011-02-03 09:55Manual event handling in main.cBert1+142-155
2011-02-03 09:54Fixed die/warn in util.cBert1+2-2
2011-02-03 09:15Refactored, new files util.[ch], C89Bert8+137-101
2011-02-02 19:46Fixed stupid memory leak in read_dir_recBert1+2-0
2011-02-02 09:43Fixed indentation in README.mdBert1+1-1
2011-02-02 09:34New option: -r, open all images in directoriesBert5+79-14
2011-02-02 08:01Skeleton for -rBert4+54-7
2011-02-01 17:27Stable release 0.4Bert1+1-1
2011-02-01 17:25Updated docBert2+6-1
2011-02-01 15:40New option: -F, fixed/floating windowBert3+20-8
2011-02-01 15:21Bug fix: handle negative offsets in -g arg correctlyBert2+5-1
2011-02-01 15:10Refactored img_open and img_checkBert1+12-10
2011-01-31 15:06New key command: r, reload imageBert3+16-9
2011-01-31 14:54new TODO: update filelistBert1+1-0
2011-01-31 14:51Check file timestamps before loading from cacheBert4+32-17
2011-01-31 14:11Revert "TODO: set wallpaper"Bert1+0-1
2011-01-30 21:23Replaced option -W with -q, seems more naturalBert5+15-16
2011-01-30 21:02Updated doc: dragging with button2, -g optionBert2+19-21
2011-01-30 21:00Replace -w with well-known geometry optionBert5+32-33
2011-01-30 19:57Unstable version numberBert1+1-1
2011-01-30 19:46Nicer key handling, does not fix problemsBert1+27-42
2011-01-30 15:39Explicitly enable printing of warningsBert8+31-20
2011-01-30 15:23TODO: set wallpaperBert1+1-0
2011-01-30 14:02Stable release 0.3.1Bert1+1-1
2011-01-30 13:47Fixed setuid and typo in Makefile, damn copy&pasteBert2+2-2
2011-01-29 21:37Mouse-panning while pressing button2Bert6+94-16
2011-01-28 23:18Removed one TODO itemBert1+0-1
2011-01-28 23:16Stable version 0.3Bert1+1-1
2011-01-28 12:42Map arrow keys to h/j/k/lBert3+21-9
2011-01-28 12:34Added plenty lots of optionsBert10+126-34
2011-01-27 15:15Added -w cmdline optionBert5+46-10
2011-01-27 09:18Updated section AUTHORS of man pageBert2+4-2
2011-01-26 17:47One more TODOBert1+1-0
2011-01-26 17:38Complete mouse supportBert5+101-31
2011-01-26 16:48Merge remote branch 'falconindy/mouse'Bert2+28-1
2011-01-26 14:11Removed anit-aliasing from TODO listBert1+0-1
2011-01-26 13:59Added a key-mapping for toggle anti-aliasingBert5+28-2
2011-01-26 13:43Fixed indentation in README.mdBert1+1-1
2011-01-26 13:42Added <,> mappings to rotate imageBert6+52-2
2011-01-23 18:27More standardish usage info in man pageBert1+1-1
2011-01-23 17:55Slightly changed README.mdBert1+4-3
2011-01-23 17:35Nicer man page homepage sectionBert1+1-2
2011-01-23 17:30Fixed usage info in man pageBert1+1-0
2011-01-23 17:26Stable version 0.2Bert1+1-1
2011-01-23 17:24Fixed MakefileBert1+2-2
2011-01-23 17:20Added man pageBert4+84-3
2011-01-23 16:27Moved VERSION macro into MakefileBert2+3-3
2011-01-23 15:19Updated usage infoBert1+4-2
2011-01-23 15:14Implemented fullscreen modeBert4+46-7
2011-01-23 03:04main.c: add zooming on mousewheel eventsDave Reisner1+27-0
2011-01-23 03:03window.c: include ButtonPress events in InputDave Reisner1+1-1
2011-01-23 12:19Updated usage sectionBert1+2-0
2011-01-23 11:37Unstable version numberBert1+1-1
2011-01-23 11:37Removed one item from TODO listBert1+0-1
2011-01-23 11:36Added [,] mappings for go 10 images back/forwardBert2+16-3
2011-01-22 22:37Added g/G mappings for goto first/last imageBert1+14-0
2011-01-22 22:30Fixed typo in README.mdBert1+8-10
2011-01-22 22:27Handle window resize events properlyBert4+63-32
2011-01-21 14:30version 0.1Bert1+1-1
2011-01-21 14:30Small corrections in README.mdBert1+2-2
2011-01-21 14:27Added README.mdBert2+44-0
2011-01-21 12:53Added todo listBert1+6-0
2011-01-21 12:48Implemented panningBert3+74-21
2011-01-21 11:58Made config.h a bit clearerBert1+5-5
2011-01-21 11:57Stricter object encapsulationBert5+25-31
2011-01-21 11:13Merged img_display() into img_render()Bert3+32-33
2011-01-21 10:21Described options in config.hBert1+8-4
2011-01-21 09:41Removed debug outputBert1+0-2
2011-01-21 09:30More robust key handlingBert1+27-10
2011-01-21 09:29Nicer zoomingBert2+45-26
2011-01-20 22:22First try on zoomingBert4+79-0
2011-01-20 21:02Bigger background pixmapBert1+7-4
2011-01-20 20:44No more expose handlingBert5+47-43
2011-01-20 16:00Put some useful information in the window titleBert3+37-2
2011-01-20 15:32Fixed initial window titleBert1+5-2
2011-01-20 15:24Check all given files before open the firstBert3+33-9
2011-01-20 15:04Go to next/previous imageBert1+14-0
2011-01-20 15:03Fixed filenames in parse_options()Bert1+3-3
2011-01-20 15:03Brighter default background colorBert1+1-1
2011-01-20 14:39Handle expose eventsBert3+39-22
2011-01-20 14:37Rebuild all object files after changing config.hBert1+1-1
2011-01-19 17:16Made parse_options voidBert3+5-7
2011-01-19 17:03Removed im member from img structBert2+4-5
2011-01-19 13:07Option handling, merged app.c & events.c into main.cBert10+189-209
2011-01-18 19:11Render image on windowBert6+75-7
2011-01-18 16:21Renamed FATAL to DIEBert3+5-5
2011-01-18 16:20Basic image loadingBert4+35-1
2011-01-18 15:40Initialize imlib2Bert4+18-1
2011-01-18 15:38Simplified keysym lookupBert1+1-3
2011-01-18 15:32Encapsulate window environment in win_env_tBert3+42-41
2011-01-18 14:37Fixed scalemode initializationBert1+1-1
2011-01-18 14:33Reordered function definitionsBert2+30-26
2011-01-18 14:29Added LICENSEBert1+339-0
2011-01-17 19:24Fixed compiler warning about missing includeBert1+1-0
2011-01-17 19:14Small refactoringsBert3+15-9
2011-01-17 18:57Return value != 0 on EscapeBert1+3-0
2011-01-17 18:53Gray window backgroundBert1+8-1
2011-01-17 18:50React to ConfigureNotifyBert3+24-2
2011-01-17 17:32Added event loopBert2+8-0
2011-01-17 16:19New BG_COLOR setting in config.hBert2+5-4
2011-01-17 15:43Added event handlersBert2+84-0
2011-01-17 15:42Added win_open & win_closeBert2+75-0
2011-01-17 15:42WARN and FATAL macrosBert1+18-0
2011-01-17 15:41Basic main skeletonBert1+12-2
2011-01-17 15:41Fixed scalemode enumBert1+5-5
2011-01-17 15:40Basic app_* stuffBert2+27-1
2011-01-17 15:18Fixed MakefileBert1+3-3
2011-01-17 15:18added .gitignoreBert1+5-0
2011-01-17 13:57Non-working skeletonBert10+262-0