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DateCommit messageAuthorFiles+-
2022-07-17 16:08Forgot to make BIND_UP configurablehhvn3+3-1
2022-07-16 12:33readline() leaves \r for analysishhvn1+8-7
2022-07-16 12:32Replace /bin/sh calls with execlp()hhvn1+4-16
2022-07-16 11:31Remove uneeded strdup() on call to elem_create()hhvn1+1-1
2022-07-16 11:28Don't call go() before initializing ncurseshhvn1+3-1
2022-07-16 11:05'seg' variables should have the type of their enumhhvn1+2-4
2022-07-16 10:59Network handlers: add copyright + clean uphhvn2+47-12
2022-07-16 10:57_XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED: some ncurses.h need this for widecharhhvn1+1-0
2022-07-16 10:42Custom start pagehhvn4+21-9
2022-07-07 21:58Wow, thanks gcc. That variable sure is unused!hhvn1+1-1
2022-06-28 19:23Fix compiler warningshhvn1+4-5
2022-06-28 17:51Handle tab characters in draw_line (for type 0)hhvn1+5-2
2022-06-28 16:09Fix multi-digit id inputhhvn1+1-1
2022-06-27 18:03Replace broken line wrapping with indicator for long lineshhvn3+8-11
2022-06-26 14:40Redesign history to be more intuitive and reliablehhvn2+31-30
2022-06-25 17:28Fix commit extraction during installationhhvn1+1-1
2022-06-23 15:25Remove ui.candrawhhvn1+3-17
2022-06-22 18:45Replace checkcurrent() macro with if statementhhvn1+6-10
2022-06-22 18:41Use fixed size array for ui.arghhvn1+5-7
2022-06-22 18:16Unified function for ui.input/ui.arg changeshhvn2+33-29
2022-06-22 18:03Handle ids as argumentshhvn3+41-9
2022-06-21 22:07Update FAQhhvn2+5-1
2022-06-21 15:43Support IPv6 urishhvn1+22-27
2022-06-18 13:53'yy' -> yank current pagehhvn4+6-11
2022-06-18 13:42enum in config.h for keybindshhvn3+72-28
2022-06-15 14:44Document args to y/+ commands in man pagehhvn1+7-4
2022-05-27 20:45Customizable seperatorshhvn3+6-2
2022-05-14 23:44Better TLS-only option handlinghhvn1+15-9
2022-05-14 23:12Use do{}while(0) trick for checkcurrent() macrohhvn1+10-11
2022-05-14 23:10Fix -Wall warningshhvn1+13-20
2022-05-14 22:55Use elem->next directly when possiblehhvn1+6-4
2022-05-14 22:54Missing case statement for '?'hhvn1+1-0
2022-05-05 20:59Return on list_free with null values, rather than aborthhvn1+2-1
2022-04-13 21:23Linked lists are simpler.hhvn2+81-93
2022-02-11 16:37FAQhhvn3+23-1
2022-02-10 21:21Explicitely create destination directorieshhvn1+2-0
2022-02-09 21:33Turn off colour after headers when displaying texthhvn1+2-0
2022-02-09 20:30H command - display history linkshhvn2+25-4
2022-02-09 18:55Check for nulls before comparing ret->{server,port}hhvn1+1-1
2022-02-09 17:44Experimental hilighting of markdown headershhvn4+49-12
2022-02-09 15:38Add specific error to start message.hhvn1+15-5
2022-02-05 13:11zygo.c: disambiguate ids smaller than lastidhhvn1+2-2
2022-02-05 13:10zygo.h: digits() in zygo.hhhvn1+1-0
2022-02-05 13:03zygo.c: fix pagescrollhhvn1+2-2
2022-02-05 12:38zygo.c zygo.h: combine link/command input in run()hhvn2+24-39
2022-02-05 12:22zygo.c zygo.h: scroll functionhhvn2+22-20
2022-01-29 17:44zygo.c: fix backspace bug with link idshhvn1+7-7
2022-01-25 21:33zygo.c: make last link on page accessiblehhvn1+1-1
2022-01-23 18:19zygo.c: error checked yank() using pipeshhvn1+25-9
2022-01-23 00:57zygo.c: don't show divider bar when reading texthhvn1+21-10
2022-01-23 00:49zygo.1: mandb doesn't like -compacthhvn1+2-2
2022-01-23 00:48zygo.c: handle text directlyhhvn1+12-3
2022-01-23 00:08configure: always link tinfow if it existshhvn1+6-18
2022-01-23 00:05Makefile zygo.c: widechar stuffhhvn2+2-1
2022-01-22 23:46Makefile: set executablehhvn1+1-1
2022-01-22 23:11zygo.c: always be able to scroll to last linehhvn1+4-4
2022-01-22 23:01zygo.c zygo.h zygo.1 config.def.h: yankinghhvn5+61-5
2022-01-22 11:39zygo.c zygo.h: use prompt() for TLS retrieshhvn2+18-16
2022-01-19 17:54zygo.c: fix uri parsing.. againhhvn1+2-2
2022-01-19 17:50zygo.c: line wrappinghhvn1+24-5
2022-01-19 16:49zygo.1: update synopsishhvn1+3-2
2022-01-18 22:18.config.hhvn.h: trackhhvn1+39-0
2022-01-18 20:11zygo.c zygo.1: -u flag for tls upgradinghhvn2+18-3
2022-01-18 20:05Automatic TLS (off by default)hhvn6+57-31
2022-01-18 19:38tls.c zygo.c zygo.1: fix TLShhvn3+37-17
2022-01-18 18:06zygo.c: don't clear error after stimeouthhvn1+0-7
2022-01-18 17:13zygo.c zygo.h: variable width padding for numbershhvn2+7-5
2022-01-18 15:48zygo.c: just RTFMhhvn1+3-7
2022-01-18 02:01zygo.c: make cursor visible in prompt()hhvn1+1-0
2022-01-18 02:00zygo.c: prompt doesn't need to fill in spaces to eolhhvn1+0-2
2022-01-17 23:51zygo.c: don't print space before prompthhvn1+0-1
2022-01-17 23:50zygo.c: print connecting.. messagehhvn1+5-0
2022-01-17 23:40zygo.c zygo.h: searchhhvn2+61-2
2022-01-17 23:00zygo.c: set port without /hhvn1+3-0
2022-01-17 19:22zygo.1: document origin of name & plumberhhvn1+23-1
2022-01-17 19:11zygo.c zygo.1: plumber settings via flagshhvn2+20-2
2022-01-17 18:40zygo.c zygo.h zygo.1 tls.c: cli flagshhvn4+43-20
2022-01-17 18:31Makefile: replace COMMIT in manpagehhvn1+3-1
2022-01-17 13:37zygo.c: error if current neededhhvn1+12-4
2022-01-17 13:36zygo.c: fix find() segfaulthhvn1+1-1
2022-01-17 13:20zygo.c zygo.h: elem_create not neededhhvn2+10-17
2022-01-17 13:14zygo.c: better gopher menu validation (compat with gopher+)hhvn1+10-6
2022-01-17 13:09zygo.1: mention + commandhhvn1+2-1
2022-01-17 12:55zygo.c: errors part of the barhhvn1+29-21
2022-01-17 12:55configure zygo.c: gophers:// uris are errors without tlshhvn2+8-0
2022-01-17 02:27zygo.c: only carry tls forward if server/port are the samehhvn1+7-1
2022-01-17 02:24zygo.c: handle .\r\nhhvn1+17-7
2022-01-17 02:16Makefile config.def.h zygo.c zygo.1: documentationhhvn4+157-20
2022-01-17 01:39zygo.h: add find() to headerhhvn1+1-0
2022-01-17 01:17zygo.c: uri manipulation: 'a' and 'r'hhvn1+18-0
2022-01-17 01:08zygo.c: don't underflow with 'G'hhvn1+2-1
2022-01-17 01:06zygo.c config.def.h: regex matchinghhvn2+91-2
2022-01-16 23:43Makefile: install/uninstall targetshhvn1+9-1
2022-01-16 21:30zygo.c: + commandhhvn1+34-13
2022-01-16 21:21zygo.c: reload commandhhvn1+4-0
2022-01-16 21:00zygo.c zygo.h config.def.h: scheminghhvn3+32-25
2022-01-16 20:36strlcat.c: forgothhvn1+57-0
2022-01-16 20:36Makefile, config.h -> config.def.h: use a def confighhvn3+40-37
2022-01-16 20:33config.h zygo.c zygo.h: plumbinghhvn3+57-29
2022-01-16 20:08configure: correct pathhhvn1+1-1
2022-01-16 20:04configure zygo.h strlcat.c: strlcathhvn2+20-0
2022-01-16 19:42config.h: comment a bithhvn1+23-18
2022-01-16 19:38zygo.c zygo.h: implement historyhhvn2+46-10
2022-01-16 19:10zygo.c zygo.h config.h: navigationhhvn3+106-9
2022-01-16 19:09tls.c zygo.c config.h: try again in cleartexthhvn3+31-4
2022-01-16 17:34zygo.c: change alarm timeout to 5 secshhvn1+1-1
2022-01-16 17:28config.h zygo.c zygo.h: better error handlinghhvn3+47-10
2022-01-16 16:52README: addhhvn1+1-0
2022-01-16 16:32.gitignore: ignore stuffhhvn1+2-0
2022-01-16 16:32Makefile zygo.* config.h: basic uihhvn4+321-33
2022-01-16 13:23debug.c zygo.c: remove debug stuffhhvn2+0-48
2022-01-16 13:07Makefile configure: use configure scripthhvn3+58-13
2022-01-16 02:21zygo.h: typo elif -> elsehhvn1+1-1
2022-01-16 02:15debug.c zygo.c zygo.h: implement listshhvn3+92-11
2022-01-16 01:56zygo.c: actually use estrduphhvn1+15-15
2022-01-16 01:45zygo.c zygo.h: gophertoelem()hhvn2+55-4
2022-01-16 01:29Init (gets raw text for one URI)hhvn7+602-0